Put Flockd on your table to show when you're free & when you're busy.


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For Connectivity

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& Productivity


Write & re-write what you want to "flock" about!

Flockd is an analog, face-to-face, social media accessory.


Flockd can be custom-branded with your logo.

We also work with designers via open patent license agreement.



Coworking: The New American Dream

Millions of entrepreneurs, freelancers, designers and startups were given the tool that brought them all together. Now in a buzzing hive of creativity and ingenuity, who knows what can be created? It's like building a think tank where you're simultaneously growing 20 different companies and they are all working together while still working for themselves. The sky is the limit.

Larger Flockd Has Landed in NYC

The larger Flockd has arrived! A bigger tool for a big intention, strengthening connectivity & productivity everywhere!